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I am Louise, an Impact Mentor & Coach for conscious changemakers and I am here to support your biggest changemaker dreams and ambitions - Helping you turn your challenges into opportunities and dreams into decisions. Supporting you to make more impact, to transform more lives and to prosper while helping others. I believe the world needs you and your mission to succeed and I believe in empowering you so that nothing stands in your way of creating meaningful change and transformation, for the betterment of humanity and the world we live in. 


To your clarity and flow 

To your breakthrough

Coach for Impact driven entrepreneurs

Breakthrough to clarity and flow

Come into alignment with your authentic mission and message, build momentum and make more impact


"All of life is mission"

What’s true to your heart’s calling and deepest purpose? How does this align to the change you want to make in the world?


"Marketing is change"

How does your unique message attract to create change?


"Mindset is momentum"

Where could you enjoy more ease and flow in your life’s work?

Coach for Impact driven entrepreneurs

90min Breakthrough
with Louise...

Are you feeling stuck in indecision, confusion and lack of clarity or simply lacking the energy or drive to turn your changemaker dreams into decisions or maybe you're full of energy but don't know what to do next?


Work with me on a virtual 90-minute breakthrough session where we will explore the three pillars of mission, message & momentum for more clarity and flow in your life's work.


​We deep dive, putting your challenge under the microscope, looking at different perspectives and creative possibilities and we get clever with our questions, asking questions which haven’t been asked before to find new levels of insight, clarity and opportunity.  We pull on inspiration and key trends and I use my experience of building brands and marketing for change to uncover new ideas and strategies, creating new momentum and excitement for moving forward with a strategy built for you and your customer’s best interests.  

Coach for Impact driven entrepreneurs
Mentor for Social enterprise

Breakthrough praise

Hear these amazing changemakers talk about their Breakthrough experiences

Louise helped me refocus on my mission and core messaging laying out an incisive framework for staying on brand and giving resources and tools that will continue to be excellent references for my business. Sort of like falling in love all over again!

Amy Giddon
@ Daily Haloha



Mentor for Changemakers


The breakthrough session with Louise was more than I hoped for and it propelled me with so much momentum that I barely slept that night, waking up at 3am with new ideas. I can't recommend Louise's sessions enough. Go for it, you deserve that breakthrough

Sophie Dubus
@ Sophiedubus.com

Louise is everything you would hope for from a coach with a lot of heart. Brilliant coaching, brilliant community & amazing follow-up. Louise is a great asset for any project, vision or social entrepreneur wanting to change the world for good. Highly highly recommended


Tom Mayer
@ Free Mind App 


Humanity Meets Podcast

Conversations with conscious changemakers who are leaving a positive signature on the world, shaping culture, following their heart and helping humanity flourish. Listen to guests share what shaped them and their impact - their life path journeys, personal stories, breakthroughs, life philosophies and so much more.



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Mentor for Social enterprise

Meet the Changemakers making a positive impact

Mentor for Social enterprise

Humanity Meets





Louise Graham
Mentor for Social enterprise

Community philanthropy work

Projects that I have voluntarily founded, mentored and helped to deliver

Changemakers in Scotland

A free Facebook meet-up and networking group for changemakers and change creators living in Scotland, to connect and collaborate with others who have a heart and a passion for creating change and who are in business to enrich lives and the world we live in.

Mentor for Authors
Mentor for Authors

Glasgow Basket Brigade CIC

Founding Chair & Director of the Glasgow Basket Brigade CIC - A community give-back project which aims to make and deliver food baskets to Glasgow families in need at Christmas. In December 2019 we held our first Glasgow Basket Brigade event, raising over £10.5k in less than a month to make and deliver 500 Christmas food baskets, giving just under 2,000 people an at-home Christmas dinner experience. It’s happening again this Christmas, learn more and join us here.

Empathy Week 2020

Impact Mentor for the Empathy Week 2020 delivery team - A next-generation empathy movement dedicated to helping young people to understand the issues that affect their world so that they can make a difference to the things that matter to them. This year’s Empathy Week saw over 200,000 young people in 48 countries across 6 continents turn their compassion into action. Learn more about how Empathy Week are building the #EmpathyGeneration here.

Mentor for Authors
Seth Godin

People I learn from

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

All of the wisdom nuggets and key messages from best-selling author Seth Godin and his latest book “This is Marketing - You can’t be seen until you learn to see” carefully and thoughtfully synthesised to a 15min easy read.


“Great marketers don’t use consumers to solve their company’s problem; they use marketing to solve other people’s problems. They don’t just make noise; they make the world better. Truly powerful marketing is grounded in generosity, empathy and emotional labour” Seth Godin

In the media

Mentor for Speakers

Meet your global breakthrough community

Mentor for Speakers

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