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90min Breakthrough
with Louise

Mentor for Impact driven entrepreneurs

Breakthrough and make more impact

Are you feeling stuck in indecision, confusion, lack of clarity or simply overwhelmed with how to move forward with turning your changemaker vision & dreams into decisions? 


Are you feeling challenged and unsupported in your life’s work?  


Are you feeling disconnected from your vision and your bigger mission? 


Does something just feel off?

Or maybe you are full of energy and drive but not confident of your plan?


Breakthrough your mental challenges with a virtual 90min breakthrough session where we will use my three pillars of mindset, message & momentum to deeper dive into what's true for you and what's possible. 

Together, we put your challenge under the microscope, looking at different perspectives and creative possibilities and we get clever with our questions, asking questions which haven't been asked before to find new levels of insight, clarity and opportunity to bring your vision to life. We pull on inspiration and key trends and I use my experience as an award-winning brand builder and marketeer to uncover new ideas and strategies to create new momentum for moving forward with a win-win strategy built to reward both you and those you serve.  


Learn more about me and read my story here and take a look at some of the incredible breakthrough testimonials below. 

If you're unsure and want to chat with me first before booking a breakthrough session then I would be delighted to meet with you. Please reach me by email here. 

Mentor for Impact driven entrepreneurs

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If you are ready to birth something new, if you are here to make more impact, if you have a calling and if you’re feeling like now is the time to grow, I work with:






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Mentor for Impact driven entrepreneurs
Mentor for Impact driven entrepreneurs




Hear these amazing changemakers talk about their Breakthrough experiences

Breakthrough praise



Louise has listened in a way that no other coach has, not just to the vision I have for our social enterprise work but what the drivers were behind this, professionally and personally. Over the last 9 months, Louise has supported my team and I, to re-evaluate our vision and mission helping us build new and more aligned projects. I couldn't recommend Louise highly enough as a coach and a skilled and supportive mentor

Dr Anastacia Ryan, University Lecturer & Founder at Umbrella Lane

Coach for Changemakers

Louise helped me refocus on my mission and core messaging laying out an incisive framework for staying on brand and giving resources and tools that will continue to be excellent references for my business. Sort of like falling in love all over again!

Amy Giddon
@ Daily Haloha

The breakthrough session with Louise was more than I hoped for and it propelled me with so much momentum that I barely slept that night, waking up at 3am with new ideas. I can't recommend Louise's sessions enough. Go for it, you deserve that breakthrough

Sophie Dubus

Louise is everything you would hope for from a coach with a lot of heart. Brilliant coaching, brilliant community & amazing follow-up. Louise is a great asset for any project, vision or social entrepreneur wanting to change the world for good. Highly highly recommended


Tom Mayer
@ Free Mind App 

Breakthrough offer

90min virtual breakthrough session

We work together to clarify your vision & align your mission for more clarity and flow, creating thought-provoking new perspectives, motivation and inspiration, mindset shifts and new excitement for higher possibilities. We finish the session by getting clear on your next steps.

Written breakthrough roadmap

Summary notes from the session, strategy pointers, links, resources, research and anything else that’s useful to you in helping you take the next steps in bringing your vision & mission to life and making more impact.


I also provide a money-back promise. 

No breakthrough… you don’t pay.


For those with low income, please reach me here to apply for a Breakthrough session paid by donation. I offer x5 of these per month.

Bonus 1

45min follow-up session - an opportunity to circle back following the breakthrough session and agreed actions.

Bonus 2

Discounted monthly membership to "The Better Bookclub" A non-fiction book club and mastermind curated especially for changemakers and social entrepreneurs. Coming Spring 2021

Coach for Community Interest company

Previous breakthrough challenges have included:

How do I successfully pitch my business?

How can I grow my community and make more money?

How can I create more impact without burning myself out?

How do I innovate and create differentiation?

I am not clear on my mission and my big why?

I no longer feel connected to my work and lack momentum

+ So many other internal & external challenges from mindset to management to implementation

Coach for Community Interest company

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