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You and I share the same vision for a happier and more prosperous world for all. For a society connected to their hearts and to their higher purpose. Living their dreams, creating change and shining their light of possibility for others.

As an Impact mentor and coach, I am here to support conscious changemakers to put themselves first in order to create even more transformation and change in the world. To help changemakers thrive in their life’s work for the greater benefit to humanity. 

As a social entrepreneur and business owner, I understand the pain and struggle that comes with holding a dream in one hand and stress and confusion in the other and all the other internal and external challenges that slow down momentum and our impact. 


After 14+ years of doing marketing for others, working with clients through my award-winning marketing agency and later through consultancy, I eventually reached my own breakthrough moment in 2019 when looking at my bookshelf.

Gradually, the traditional marketing books were replaced with books on personal growth, self-study, marketing for good, spirituality, conscious & beautiful business and the purpose-economy.


I recognised a deep longing to bring all parts of myself and my highest joy into work and through looking inwards and connecting to my greatest purpose I set myself a challenge to deliver 60 breakthrough sessions - by donation - in 60 days. 


A year later, I’ve delivered over 100+ breakthrough sessions, built a growing global breakthrough community, founded my own community interest company and recently became a published author in the International Best-seller book, “Ignite Female Changemaker”

Mentor for Educators


“The time I’ve spent with Louise has been invaluable. She is a fierce supporter, thoughtful challenger and tireless advisor. If you are a business owner or founder feeling stuck, or unclear as to your next steps, Louise’s Breakthrough Sessions are a must.

Jeff @ Composure, New York

Mentor for Educators

Personal philosophies

I believe that when we live in alignment with these philosophies we can create more ease and flow in our work and more transformation and impact in the world.

Change your questions, change your life

The questions we ask ourselves can keep us stuck or they can open up new insight and awareness. We can choose to only ask questions which lead us to opportunity, possibility and success

Aligning our work with our personal growth

Our truest life’s work is a reflection of our deepest purpose and highest calling. When we connect to this place of purpose our internal world reflects the external, we grow, the people around us grow and we make more impact

Listening to our heart & body intelligence

Learning to surrender to what our bodies are wanting to tell us, deep listening to what is and what wants to emerge. Bringing awareness to the whispers and shouts of our heart connects us to a greater presence and insight to drive any strategy forward

Thoughtful marketing & marketing for good

Do the right thing and use marketing for good. Marketing is a powerful tool as a force for generosity and change. It should enhance lives and bring more joy and connection

Slowing down to speed up & clarity in stillness

Nothing good ever comes from a place of control, overwhelm and stress. Your greatest service comes from putting yourself first and remembering you’re not a to-do list. Slowing down creates space for deeper insights to find voice and life

Opportunity & possibility to be found in challenge

There is always opportunity to be found in challenge when we view life’s challenges as fuel for creative service and when we ask better questions framed to explore what’s possible. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way

Mentor for Movement builders
Mentor for Movement builders


Interviews, podcasts and stages where I’ve shared my story, experience and vision

IdeasLab Podcast

“Create a brand that attracts a tribe and makes an impact - lots of people have the mistaken belief that branding is about the name of your company and your logo. 

But it's much bigger and much more important than that…”

Marketing &
Finance Podcast

“Louise Graham on listening, self-discovery and human transformation. We chat about how important it is to listen to our customers rather than just hear what they say, and how we can bring moments of thoughtfulness and kindness into marketing…”

Glasgow Girls Podcast

“Catch up with Louise, the woman who created the Glasgow Basket Brigade and listen to her story of grief and clinical depression, career & personal growth, travel and the breakthrough journey she’s been on launching Breakthrough with Louise to building a social movement and putting her impact skills to great use…”

Mentor for Movement builders

What I'm reading & watching

Currently reading...

I love books, particularly non-fiction books. I am a lifelong learner and my proudest possession is my bookshelf. Check out my Goodreads profile for my breakthrough reading list and take a look on Medium for keynotes from recent learnings. 


Currently reading, Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership by Michael Ventura.

Mentor for Social entrepreneurs
Mentor for Social entrepreneurs

Watch it

Be inspired by my YouTube Watch List, check out some breakthrough video testimonials and changemaker interviews. Hit the button in the box to watch a feel-good favourite, “The Kindness boomerang”

Hire me for your community

I love working with other communities and groups and would be thrilled to hear from you to discuss speaking, facilitator or group mentoring opportunities. 


Group partners I am working with and have worked with in the past: Tribewanted Bali | House of Genius | A Million Realities | Transmit Startups | Accelerator Academy | MindValley AFest | Warwick University | NOIClub | Ethical Hour 


*This photograph (left) was taken at a MindValley GiveBack round-table I created and facilitated in Greece. Sixteen serial entrepreneurs were brought together to mastermind and work collaboratively to solve the problems of six Greek refugee charities. An unfiltered image that fills me with joy. 

Contact me here.

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Mentor for Therapists
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