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Deep Listening: Pursuing your true purpose playfully

Coach for Movement builders


How can we learn to deeply listen in the present moment so we can be truer to our values and seek out our passions in a more playful and trusting way? 


This week I talk to Justin Mayfield, co-founder of the Alan Watts Organization who teaches us how the ancient Buddhist principle of "Upaya" can make us the changemakers of our own lives, wider humanity and the natural world.

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Coach for Movement builders
Coach for Movement builders

How deep listening can open our minds to what the world is really offering us

Coach for Movement builders

About the episode

Justin Mayfield is the co-founder of the Alan Watts Organization. Over the last four years, Justin has been instrumental in preserving and promoting the legacy of the prolific scholar and philosopher, Alan Watts, alongside his son, Mark Watts. 


Justin's path from a wedding photographer and artist born in Missouri, to living on the Watts property in San Francisco, was by no means "traditional" from a Western cultural perspective. However, like Alan, Justin's approach to life is influenced by Eastern philosophies and this has allowed him to summon a myriad of opportunities his way. 


Justin is a very passionate performance artist and creative coach known as The Distracible Monk. He is, amongst many other titles, an accomplished musician, poet, videographer, a MindValley course author and business consultant. Jack of many trades, master of a few, and joker overall.

His next quest is to work in Bali on The Ecstatic Ocean Initiative, reducing plastic pollution with community-led initiatives.

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“Great marketers don’t use consumers to solve their company’s problem; they use marketing to solve other people’s problems. They don’t just make noise; they make the world better. Truly powerful marketing is grounded in generosity, empathy and emotional labour” Seth Godin

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