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Coach for Movement builders


In this all-encompassing episode, Mike Stevenson weaves an unforgettable tapestry of tales on how life's greatest teachers can be found in the unlikeliest of places including a London toilet cubicle or a police holding cell.


He imparts 70 years of wisdom on topics such as homelessness, mental health, Scottish culture, the economy and his mission to use storytelling to inspire systemic change.


Central to Mike's breakthroughs in personal growth and his successful Communications business, has been understanding how our tragedies set the stage for triumph.

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Coach for Movement builders
Coach for Movement builders

How a "school drop-out" became the voice of a generation using storytelling to inspire systemic change. 

Coach for Movement builders

About the episode

Mike Stevenson is a TEDx speaker, business owner, trainer and creative thinker. He is the founder of Thinktastic, an innovations agency, voted Scottish Small Company of the Year and acclaimed for its unique approach to stretching people and organisations beyond their perceived limits of growth.


Mike motivates individuals to learn and step into their leadership by using storytelling to impart his 30 years of knowledge in the Marketing industry. Over his career, he has worked with a number of leading brand names including M&S, British Gas, Sky TV, SSE and Standard Life.


As an acknowledged leader in social marketing, Mike has increasingly used his skills to improve social care. Some of his highlights in this area range from boosting the recruitment of foster carers in Edinburgh by 40% in just one year and transforming the fortunes of a local authority housing department.  


Mike inspires others with his personal story and journey having experienced life from both sides; homelessness and luxury, mental health issues and triumphs and life as an employee and employer. His current focus is to inspire social and business change through his work as a speaker from his country of origin, Scotland.

Coach for Therapists
Coach for Therapists

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Rebecca Nimmo

Podcast manager

All of the wisdom nuggets and key messages from best-selling author Seth Godin and his latest book “This is Marketing - You can’t be seen until you learn to see” carefully and thoughtfully synthesised to a 15min easy read.


“Great marketers don’t use consumers to solve their company’s problem; they use marketing to solve other people’s problems. They don’t just make noise; they make the world better. Truly powerful marketing is grounded in generosity, empathy and emotional labour” Seth Godin

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