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90min Breakthrough to Impact

By Donation

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If you’re an impact-driven entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, educator or anyone with a dream and a drive for making a positive change in the world and in the lives of others then I want to support you…Why? Because I believe that all change and transformation starts with us and I believe the world needs you and your business to succeed.

For the next 60 days - to celebrate my official launch - I will be offering 60 breakthrough sessions (1 per person) by donation helping those of you who are challenged and stuck in your business to get to a place of clarity, opportunity and impact.

Breakthrough sessions are priced at £300 and for a limited time only will be available for a small donation (suggested £100 / minimum £50) on the trust that you pay what you can honestly afford. I am so confident of my process that if you don’t breakthrough you will be issued an immediate and full refund.

What makes me so qualified? I have a unique ability to probe and get curious always questioning and questioning again to get to the real “heart” of your challenge. It helps that I have 13+ years experience as an award-winning marketeer and brand builder and have a real love for projects and businesses that are changing and expanding the world in unexpected ways.

Inspired by 💡 The Mankind Project | The Skin Deep | Simon Sinek | Seth Godin | Yanik Silver (Evolved Enterprise) | Because I said I would & many others.

Currently reading 📚 Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life.

One to watch 🍿 Kindness Boomerang.

*Check out customer reviews and my Instagram feed below for a community story library of those I’ve worked with.


Finding opportunity in your challenge…

Previous breakthrough challenges have included:

* How do I successfully pitch my business?

* How can I grow my community?

* How can I create more impact?

* Where should I best spend my time and my money?

* How do I innovate and create differentiation?

* I am not clear on my brand “WHY” ?

* I no longer feel connected to the work I am doing

+ So many other internal & external challenges from mindset to management to implementation.

Breakthrough and make more impact…


Step 1

Get clear on your biggest challenge or current limitation.

What is stopping you from creating the impact you want to make with your business?


Step 2

Donate by PayPal & schedule an appointment (all time zones).

Use the time between your booking and your session to process on two thought-provoking questions which will be sent you in advance of the session.


Step 3

90 min guided session, written email prescription and helpful resources.

+ Lifetime access to Breakthrough with Louise private Facebook group.

No breakthrough no charge.

Speaking with Louise was illuminating. A fresh perspective, actively listening to what you feel as well as the factual content of your conversation - these are rare skills. Louise very quickly identified very helpful insights, backed up by respected methodology as well as a touch of creative genius. Highly recommended
— Kim Guest, Chief Unicorn, isoshealth