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Everything I know as a beginner Podcast host

My notes from various “Getting Started with Podcasting” trainings

Here is everything I am learning about starting out as a Podcast host. These notes & top tips are synthesised from training with the following top Podcasters and are focused on using Podcasting for interview/storytelling:

How to Build a Profitable Podcast with Lewes Howes

Power your Podcast with Storytelling with Alex Blumberg

Create, Grow & Monetise your Podcast with John Lee Dumas

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Podcast strategy

Strategy building questions for visioning & designing your successful Podcast. Podcasts are a hugely expanding market, with more than 700,000 podcasts available through a variety of different platforms. Given how saturated this space is, the big question is: What can you do to make your podcast stand out?

“Often, people fall at the first hurdle by not having clear vision for their podcast” Louise Kattenhorn, BBC Producer

What’s your Podcast name?

Make your Podcast title stand out against all others in the listed category

How would you describe your Podcast?

Tell your listeners what they are going to get (don’t make it a biography). Use this space to talk about previous guests etc (See Podcast description templates below)

What’s your vision for your Podcast?

Example: To become a popular/top listed Podcast for changemakers and social impact entrepreneurs. Written about in the media as an award-winning Podcast. Shared by listeners. Attracting great guests; people my listeners and I can learn from

What do I want listeners to get from listening and what do I want them to do next?

Example: To feel empowered and to book on my free webinar for further learning

What’s your prefered Podcast format?


1. Self-host or Co-host

2. Interview v’s solo or both

3. Length

Where will your listeners listen to the podcast? This should inform your length decision. Not all podcasts need to be the same length. 10–12 minutes is a nice bite-size

4. Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or other) 5. Audio v’s video

How many people do you want to reach?