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Transformational Selling with Simon Lovell

Sales Mastery Coaching with Simon Lovell, Keynotes

6 Top Tips for Transformational Selling

Top tips from my personal one to one training/coaching with Simon Lovell. These keynotes are focused on tips for coaches and consultants who are face to face (e.g. in person or over the telephone) with their client. For online sales, many of these notes are still relevant. It is very important for your transformational selling that you find a way to take your customer from an online lead to an in-person conversation. For notes on how to increase marketing conversion please see my notes on This is Marketing here.

By following this 6 Top Tips guide you’re going to learn how to sell more, transform more lives and work with ideal clients. You’ll have more freedom, more cash flow, more committed clients, more confidence and less stress. Why listen to Simon? He’s sold over $3million+ in personal coaching. He’s worked with the best coaches in the mindset & business space, spending time on Richard Branson’s Necker Island and working 1–1 with Tony Robbins in India amongst so much more. He’s a published author and spoken on many stages.

To find out more about Simon Lovell please visit and tell him Louise sent you.

Tip #1 — Your mindset is critical to sales

“How you manage yourself is how you manage your income” Simon Lovell

  • Sales mastery is about managing your emotions

  • Your goal is to get to a level of emotional mastery with sales

  • Your mindset creates your belief systems which create your identity which inform how you show up with clients

  • Your new mindset is what is going to get you to the next level

  • Most selling is non-verbal. Your energy matters

  • Challenges with confidence may cause you to lose your focus

  • Bring awareness to your emotional patterns pre-conversation, during and post to identify what your emotional patterns pre, during and post conversation need to be

  • At the same time, it’s important to bring awareness to your negative & positive associations with sales and beliefs around selling

  • Be aware of where you may be projecting your own beliefs on to a client (e.g. your financial beliefs)

  • Ask yourself, “Do you believe that what you’re selling is worth £X.” If the answer is no then you can ask, “What specifically needs to happen to believe that it is?”

  • Know that your confidence and certainty is what your client is buying. If you have a strong belief you can help your client they will believe it too


  • Write down your current beliefs around selling now in your business

  • Write down what your beliefs around selling need to be to get you to the next level

Tip #2 — To make sales you need to have conversations


  • We forget that the work we do to get us into the right headspace & energy p